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Affordable and exclusive karaoke services

Interested in a karaoke party? Then you need to call All About You Entertainment today for exclusive karaoke services. We offer affordable party hosting services for your convenience. Let us host your next karaoke party to show your guests just how much fun karaoke can be. We have over 140,000 Karaoke songs to choose from, We bring a 29-inch tv screen, on a stand, to display the lyrics on so that you can sing. We provide 2 – 4 cordless microphones to broadcast your voice over our sound system!


Kids Parties

Karaoke is great for kids parties, karaoke gives the kids something to do, and something for the adults to watch!! Karaoke makes the kids feel all important!!


Bar / Club Karaoke

Karaoke can be so much fun to have at a Bar or Club. The karaoke can draw a crowd into your bar / club. Then when your guest are there they can buy drinks at the bar.


Karaoke With A Disc Jockey

Although karaoke can be fun, not everyone wants to sing for the whole party. So when there is nobody to sing, we DJ for you and your crowd to keep you entertained for hours! When you book All About You Entertainemnt, inc. you get a DJ and you get a KJ!!!